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Natural ingredients with proven properties

To suit the purpose of each CBD oil, we’ve selected a gentle blend of organic ingredients alongside pure CBD.

Developed for targeted support.

Full Range of Support CBD Oils and Pipette Dropper Bottle

Developed for targeted support.

Woman Sleeping Peacefully

Sleep Support CBD Drops & Spray

For a good night’s rest

Maintain a healthy nighttime routine with our Sleep Support CBD Drops/Spray.

1200mg Bottle of Sleep Support CBD Oil

Chamomile and Lemon Balm

Our lead ingredients are Chamomile and Lemon Balm, renowned for their calming, anti-oxidant properties.

Sleep Support CBD Oil With the Choice of a Pipette Dropper or Spray Nozzle

Also includes: CBD, 5-HTP

CBD strength: 1200mg

Woman Doing Exercise in Nature

Immunity Support CBD Drops & Spray

For extra support

Help keep your immune system stay in top shape with our Immunity Support CBD Drops/Spray.

1200mg CBD Oil Designed to Support the Immune System

Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B6

We’ve included these essential vitamins to help maintain the normal functioning of the immune system.

Bottle of CBD Immunity Support with a Pipette Dropper Fitted

Also includes: CBD, Folic Acid

CBD strength: 1200mg

Woman Calmly Preparing Healthy Food
Calm Support CBD Drops & SprayReclaim your calm

Recenter your balance and find composure with our Calm Support CBD Drops/Spray, which features a host of therapeutic ingredients.

1200mg Salm Support CBD with Californian Poppy and 5-HTP

Californian Poppy and Magnesium Our lead ingredients are renowned for their calming, anti-oxidant properties.

CBD Oil Designed to Support Calm

Also includes: CBD, 5-HTP

CBD strength: 1200mg

Man Energetically Running Across a Beach
Turmeric Support CBD Drops & SprayKeep alert and focused

Features a fresh spiced citrus flavour alongside a host of natural ingredients to uphold your energy levels.

2400mg CBD Oil with Turmeric, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D

Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D These two popular vitamins are highly regarded for their energy-yielding properties.

Bottle of Turmeric CBD Oil that can be used with a Pipette Dropper or Spray Nozzle

Also includes: CBD, Turmeric

CBD strength: 2400mg

Support Range Frequently Asked Questions
What is the CBD Support range?

Support CBD oils are a range of specially formulated CBD oils that include a selection of additional natural ingredients. These oils are perfectly crafted for a variety of purposes and include oils to support sleep, calm, the immune system and energy levels. Every Support oil comes with both a pipette dropper or spray head.

Where can I buy Vitality CBD Support CBD oils?

You can purchase our Support oils from LloydsPharmacy. As part of our partnership with LloydsPharmacy, we developed this range of bespoke CBD oils to be sold exclusively in their stores and on their website. If you want to purchase one of our Support oils, you can head over to LloydsPharmacy’s website or pop into your local branch.

What flavour are Support oils?

All of our Support CBD oils are flavoured with delicious spiced citrus. However, each Support oil does taste subtly different thanks to the presence of different active ingredients, such as chamomile, turmeric and Californian poppy. This slight change of flavour is to the benefit of the purpose of the oils in many cases.

Which CBD Support Oil is best for me?

Our Support oils target a specific need, so which is best for you depends entirely on what you want to use CBD for! It is worth reading what each of our support oil contains and its intended purpose. Our CBD Support oils are available in 1200mg (Calm, Immunity and Sleep) or 2400mg (Turmeric) CBD strengths - ideal for both new and experienced CBD users.

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